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Shelter is dedicated to tackling both the systemic causes of the housing emergency and helping those affected by it. It delivers frontline services built around the principles of early intervention and prevention of homelessness, and campaigns for everyone's right to a safe home. 

Shelter is unique both in the scale of coverage of its support and its locally embedded Hubs in communities across the country. It has been tackling housing injustice for over 50 years and therefore has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of its service users, as well as the causes of homelessness and how the housing crisis can be solved.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with unsuitable housing or homelessness through its advice, support, and legal services. It campaigns to change housing systems so that, one day, no one will have to turn to it for help. It is here so no one has to fight unfit housing or homelessness alone. To do this it:

  • Speaks out with and on behalf of homeless and badly housed people by campaigning for housing justice. 

  • Delivers a range of services which are based on the principles of Prevention, Personalisation and Partnership. 

  • Involves and engages its service users in its campaigns and in shaping its services and focuses its services development and capacity through its hubs.  

  • Improve its digital presence by making it easier for people to access them online, by providing engaging and personalised content and continuing to improve its telephone helpline responsiveness. 

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