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The Reader

Trained Reader Leaders bring people together each week to read a story and poem aloud.

This provides a friendly and welcoming space where group members can choose to read aloud or to share their thoughts and reflections on what has been read. By enabling people to form personal connections with the literature and each other, Shared Reading creates a range of health and social outcomes. Some of these include improved emotional wellbeing, reduced social isolation and stronger, healthier, more supportive communities.

For over a decade, The Reader has been bringing Shared Reading into places like libraries, schools, hospitals, care homes, prisons and more across the UK. They work with individuals living with chronic pain, social isolation, mental health issues, and dementia, as well as people recovering from substance misuse, offenders and ex-offenders, children, and families.

It is The Reader's ambition to make Shared Reading so widespread that everyone, whoever they are, wherever they are, can access a group. The charity is building a community hub rooted in Shared Reading and wellbeing at their headquarters in Liverpool, and is creating a volunteer-led movement to bring Shared Reading to communities across the UK.

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